Our episode on Upper Mustang was unique in that we were able to talk to three people with a wealth of knowledge about Nepal, and more specifically Upper Mustang.  Olivia, C.J., and Nico are friends that have a goal to increase tourism in Nepal.  Their Kickstarter is called Trailblazing in Nepal and it has 74 backers totaling $14,000.  Once they are finished they plan on sharing their maps, stories, and pictures online to motivate people to travel to Nepal for the 2016 trekking season.  If you have the chance, please connect with them on social media: Trailblazing in Upper Mustang on Facebook and TrailblazingUM on twitter.  

Show Notes

- Location of Upper Mustang

-Kickstarter designed to increase tourism in Upper Mustang and Nepal

-How the project came about

-Information about Nepal and the difficulty of travel in Nepal

-The scenery of Nepal and Upper Mustang

-How someone can travel to Upper Mustang

-The people of the region of Upper Mustang

-Preparing for traveling the terrain

-The earthquake situation

-The ideal itinerary

-How can we help the project?

-One minute pitch on why we should travel to Nepal