LOCKED UP ON Nauru (Warning: contains some explicit content)

What picture comes to mind when you hear the word Nauru? Probably nothing, unless you follow Australian politics or major in Geography. This tiny Pacific island nation is the third smallest behind only Monaco and Vatican City. This episode I interviewed Mark Isaacs, an Australian author, community worker, adventurer, and a campaigner for social justice. His book, “The Undesireables: Inside Nauru” is about Australia’s Pacific Solution; an Australian government policy of transporting asylum seekers who attempt to arrive to Australia by boat to Pacific Island processing centers. Mark talks very candidly about his experience working at these detention centers on the island and leaves no stones unturned. We talk about the potential that Nauru has, but the history that led it down a different path. Mark has a couple of projects and books that he is working on and you won’t want to miss them. Below are the show notes. 


Nauru’s asylum-seeking detention center.

Australia’s pacific solution to illegal immigrants.

How Mark got his job working in Nauru.

Location, size and description of Nauru

Phosphate mining

Life on Nauru

Nauru was once the richest country per capita

Future of Nauru

What would Mark do in the case of Nauru

Psychological torture

It’s difficult to get to Nauru

Restrictions if you work at the detention center


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