Episode two we had the privilege of speaking to author and entrepreneur Sophie Ibbotson. She made a great case to travel to the country of Uzbekistan. We talked about all things Uzbekistan, which most people like to lump in with the rest of the old soviet republics. Sophie is a wealth of knowledge about this region and will definitely be back on the show to talk about her projects that she is currently working on. Posted below the show notes are links to the Bradt Guides, Sophie’s website and some of her new projects. The audio was better on this episode and we are working on making it even better. Please email me at weston@thelocales.com for any suggestions on future guests or countries you would like us to cover. I hope you enjoy the show!

-Uzbekistan is the center of the world

-The -stan countries are different

-Uzbekistan was a country of traders

-Silk Road- Three major cities in Uzbekistan

-Dozens of ethnicities

-Uzbek and Russian Language

-Fitting in with the local culture

-Secular society


-Metro system

-Flat Bread and tea

-President and his successor

-Uzbekistan is a safe country

-Mountaineering and wildlife

-Kurash and Kapkari

-One minute sell to go to Uzbekistan

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