The Locales is in he process of becoming an educational non-profit 501 (c)(3) that works to empower people to become global citizens through service, tourism and educational multimedia projects.  A locale is a place where something happens or is set to happen.  Our world has endless locales to discover.  The Locales goal is to provide opportunities to travel and learn about interesting people and projects around the world.  


Our flagship podcast will introduce you to interesting people around the world.  We talk with people from different backgrounds with the goal of helping you become a better global citizen.  From talking to kayakers raising money to demine areas of Angola, to talking with BaseLang CEO on how to best learn Spanish, our guests will certainly inspire you. 


The original Locales Podcast started as a more destination podcast, but morphed into what it is today.  Our destination podcast introduces you to various countries around the world.  We talk to experts and locals to help you navigate different countries.  If you are planning your next trip or are trying to figure out where to go next, this is the podcast for you.


A big part of what The Locales is all about is empowering our youth to become global citizens.  The Locales is based in Manhattan, KS, often referred to as "The Little Apple".  The Little Apple Travelers is a travel group comprised of students and teachers from the Manhattan area.  Our students and teachers are contributors to The Locales.  A lot of the posts throughout the website will be from our students and teachers in the Manhattan area.  You can learn more about our educational and service trips by clicking the link above.